Tourism, Activities and Attractions

Tourism and Beaches

With its temperate Mediterranean climate, it is well known that the Garden Route is one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Tourism, Activities and Attractions in Garden Route - George, Western Cape, South Africa Kingswood Golf Estate in George provides easy access to numerous nearby tourism facilities and attracts a vibrant community of holidaymakers and residents to its fabulous greens.   A world famous surfing destination, the Victoria Bay cove is a short nine kilometres by road from George. The beach most favoured by residents of Kingswood and visitors alike is Herold's Bay. It offers large tidal pools, safe swimming conditions and excellent angling. The town of Wilderness is just ten kilometres from George and is famous for its long stretches of white sand and sprawling inland lakes.   Deep-sea angling is also available along with offshore fishing. The area also hosts several yachting events during the year. Not only do residents have access to all the Garden Route’s wonderful attractions, but its success and popularity has a direct, beneficial impact on the value of Kingswood properties.  


Nearby Attractions Include:

Museums, art galleries and craft festivals, flea markets, historic sites and scenic drives, magnificent mountain hikes and mountain bike trails, botanical gardens and a selection of South Africa's premier beaches. The Garden Route Mall is one of the Southern Cape's biggest regional shopping centres with a tenant list that includes many of the country's top retailers and convenience stores. George Airport connects travellers with all the main centres in South Africa. A host of domestic carriers service the airport daily, providing a selection of flights to and from the main international airports in South Africa.


Nature and Wildlife

Nestled at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains, Kingswood Golf Estate in George is situated at the lowest point of the Garden Route coastal plateau. The area falls within a region of vegetation known as the Cape Wildflower Floral Kingdom, which encompasses two special vegetation types: Unique and world famous fynbos and rare afromontane forest.   Many tourists visit the area to view the wildflowers that are in bloom from autumn (March) to spring (November). The flowers stage such a grand display that there is an annual Wild Flower Show in October, and a dedicated Flower Line information telephone number.   Residents of this environmentally integrated development therefore share their home with the Cape Wildflower Floral Kingdom. This is the world's smallest and richest plant kingdom, consisting of 8 500 species, 68% of which only occur in South Africa.   Boasting a nature conservation area of its very own, Kingswood Golf Estate in George is a micro cosmos. It has a long-term plan to incorporate and help restore the natural heritage of its host region. Two small rivers feed this estate, creating within and around them different micro regions to encourage the existence of a diverse collection of indigenous Flora and Fauna. Several boreholes are used to supplement the water supply, which ensures immaculate greens and ample surface water, which helps attract the abundant and colourful birdlife of the area.   River, wetlands, riverine and floral kingdoms are the natural components of the Kingswood View Gallery