Golf Membership Packages

Our Golf Membership Packages are designed to accommodate players who play once a month or only in the holidays, to those who play daily. This gives each golfer complete control and flexibility, and you can tailor your package to the amount of golf you play.   HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE

If you play golf once a month Choose the Credit 14 Round Package (excl. Green Fees) R2 530
If you play golf twice a month Choose the Credit 24 Round Package (excl. Green Fees) R3 795
If you play golf 3 times a month Choose the Principal Membership Package (unlimited rounds, excl. Green Fees) R6 270
If you play golf once a week and sometimes more Choose the Credit 60 Round Package (incl. Green Fees) This is calculated as follows:

  • Principal Membership R6270 + 60 Rounds @ R160 per round (25% Discount)
  • This will give you a saving of R40 per round in green fees
  • If you run out of rounds, you can buy top up rounds at the same rate
R15 870
If you play golf more than 90 times a year or twice a week or more Choose the Principal Unlimited Package R19 800


If you have no idea how much golf you will be playing. Start with a smaller package, because you can always upgrade to the next one, during the year. Also remember that on all the Credit Round packages, you can share your rounds with friends. More details below.

2022 GOLF MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES Some things to note:

  • All Membership Packages EXCLUDE SAGA and Handicap Card – R860 pp extra plus R220 for new cards.
  • Only one SAGA Member is allocated to each membership, except on Corporate Membership Packages where more than one SAGA Handicap Card can be allocated.
  • All Memberships are valid for 1 year.
  • Students and ladies can play 7 days a week in all club competitions and roll-up groups.
  • On Credit Membership Packages (Individuals):
    • Each Credit Membership Package gives you a set number of golf rounds per year, but more credits can be purchased.
      • Credit Membership Packages of 14 and 24 individual rounds, EXCLUDES green fees. This means that you pay R200 green fees and R170 per cart seat when you play 18 holes.
      • Credit Membership Packages of 60 individual rounds, INCLUDES green fees. This means that you only pay R170 per cart seat when you play 18 holes. Cart packages can also be purchased.
    • The rounds purchased on the Credit Membership Packages can be shared.
      • Card Holder must be present for individual membership packages.
    • Once your credits run out on the 14 or 24 rounds Credit Membership Packages, you revert to Southern Cape Affiliated Visitor Rates of R310 per round. Alternatively, you can pay the difference between the Credit 14, 24 or Principal Membership to upgrade your package during your membership year.
    • Once your credits run out on the 60 rounds Credit Membership Package, you revert to Membership Rates of R200 per round. Alternatively, you can purchase additional prepaid rounds or upgrade to the Principal Unlimited Package during your membership year.
  • On the Corporate Membership Packages:
    • More than 1 SAGA/Handicap card can be purchased with the Membership. All these individuals must be employed by the Corporate.
    • Rounds can be shared with colleagues or clients.
    • Card Holder does not need to be present to use the rounds.
    • Once the credits run out:
      • The corporate can either purchase additional credits.
      • Alternatively, the individuals attached to the membership will pay Southern Cape Affiliated Visitor Rates for green fees and cart seats.
  • Credit Membership rounds which are not used will expire when the membership year expires.
  • The Principal Member Unlimited Package which includes unlimited green fees, will now also include 10 complimentary rounds, as well as a complimentary warm up bucket of balls for the member to use on the driving range, every time you play. This will be applicable for the 2023 membership year.
  • Joining Kingswood Golf Club combined with a SAGA and Handicap Card, qualifies you to play at Southern Cape Affiliated Visitors Rates at George, Mossel Bay, Plettenberg Bay, Knysna and Goose Valley Golf Clubs. That means that you pay R310 green fees for 18 holes and R170 green fees for 9 holes. Respective Club T’s and C’s apply.
  • Monthly Debit Order options are available and carry a 10% additional fee. This can be discussed with our Accountant.


2023 Membership Excluding Green Fees 2023 Membership Including Green Fees
Credit Membership 14 Rounds R2 530 Credit Membership 60 Rounds R15 870
Credit Membership 24 Rounds R3 795 Secondary Member 60 Rounds R14 600
Principal Member R60270 Principal Member Unlimited R19 800
Secondary Member R5 000 Student Member Unlimited R6 270
Student Member R1 300 Junior Member Unlimited (High School) R4 895
Junior Member (High School) R1 210 Junior Member Unlimited (Primary School) R3 740
Junior Member (Primary School) R910 Junior Member Unlimited (Primary School) (Parents are Members) R2 420
Family Membership R12 650 Junior Member Unlimited (High School) (Parents are Members) R1 210
*ALL Membership Packages EXCLUDE SAGA and Handicap Card. R860pp extra *New SAGA/Handicap Card Applications will be charged an additional R220 for the new card.
2022 Corporate Membership Including Green Fees (Max 8 SAGA Cards) 2022 Corporate Membership Cart Seat Packages
Corporate Membership 80 80 Individual Rounds / 20 (4balls) R19 470 80 Cart Seats (i.e., per person) R13 200
Corporate Membership 120 120 Individual Rounds / 30 (4balls) R27 500 120 Cart Seats (i.e., per person) R19 200
Corporate Membership 160 160 Individual Rounds / 40 (4balls) R33 550 160 Cart Seats (i.e., per person) R25


Members Green Fees 2022

2023 Green Fees & Carts 18 Holes 9 Holes
Members R200 R100
Member Guest R290 R170
Member Student R130 R75
Member Junior R90 R50
Member Cart Seat Rental (per person) R170 R95


Download the Kingswood Membership Rates Green Fees 2023.

Download the Membership Application Form.

Call us on 0861 72 71 70 or Email to join.

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